Free Online Background Generator

This is simple abstract background maker. You will need to have flash player installed on your computer for it to work as this was done with Adobe Flash program.

Create simple gradient background – either by clicking “a“, ‘b‘ or ‘c‘ keyboard letter ( the idea behind that is it is easy as ABC..) or by clicking the mouse button (anywhere on the flash file, as all the file is overlayed with one big button). I created base color backgrounds myself, so you won’t get any annoying gradients like green with red or similar – they will all look super nice.

You can generate as many backgrounds and layouts as you want and use them without giving me any credit whatsoever. You can use the file commercially too. It is very useful when you need a simple yet beautiful background for banners, presentations, Tumblr or Twitter profile page and other clean designs.

To get an image, you will need to make a screenshot. It is super easy to do that on MAC (CMD+SHIFT+4), for Windows users, you will probably need some particular program to capture a screenshot.

Hope somebody finds this online background generator useful.

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